Chemical Carcinogens in Industries Resulting in Work-Related Cancer Illnesses

Some assurances only cover excessive and exposure from development of cancer disorders, while if we are talking about the chemical carcinogens which are very prevalent, those assurance will not help much. There id a supporting fact for that; people who work in industrial plants for several years, have the risks of developing a full-blown diseases after they are retired.

Cancer cells which are nor controlled and arrested will cause untimely death because of the abnormal cells.

In 1940s and 1950s, there was a finding about cancer from an American doctor who worked in the chemical industry. He found that industrial poluutants could cause cancer growth inside human’s body. The number is increasing time by time, in addition nowadayas industrial contaminants are more than they were.

Commonly, humanbeings contain more than 100 different compounds in each body. However, most of the compounds didn’t exist 60 years ago, that is the time when the American doctor discovered the industrial subtances which caused cancer.

The Boston University School of Public Health released a report about the causes of cancer which are not only occupational but also environmental. The notable decline of cancer is when there was also a demand decline or when the measure to prevent the exposure was done in the industrial pollutant workplace.

The rates of lung-cancer will drop if the demand for tobacco production is decreasing, while gall-bladder cancer can drop because aromatic-amines are eliminated. The hazard is actually the air which is contaminated by products of benzidine-based or if the air is linked to tobacco smoke.

According to both occupational and environmental exposure, the emergence of some types of cancer is rising. Based on the experts argument that these carcinogens bring bad effect for human’s body especially if somebody gets exposed for a long period of time. In the last  15 years, man-made chemicals have been banned yet the use of the new developed chemicals are spread widely. Unluckily, those are the cause of deathly cancer.

Because the cancer-causing substances present in every facet around the living place of humanbeings, it is impossible to avoid them. We can find them in home building materials, cleaning detergents, cosmetics and personal care products and even there are many industries that manufacture these products. If we live around those things, it will be veru difficult for us to avoid the long term and excessive exposures in common places.

The National Health Service (NHS) has released publications about manufacturing industries which may result their workers get exposed to chemical carcinogens. These are the examples:

  • The use of solvents, acids, plasmas, gases and toxic metals widely in micro-electronic industries.
  • Micro-electronic industries have women as their employees to process silicon chips in the industry’s semi-conductor section.
  • The product of micro-electronic industries are for home entertainment, office equipment and many communications devices such as cell phones and computers.

Unfortunately, breast cancer which afflicts women doesn’t belong to the list of cancer which is caused at work. Thus, mostly companies do not provide the guidelines due to women workers’ safety at work.

The excessive exposure which is possible happen to women workers at work is aggravated too by their habit of using products contain carcinogens.

There is a comprehensive statistical report about work-related cancer deaths issued as the Annual Reports of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of UK which is used as a basis information for all regions and countries under Great Britain. Because the people behind the organization are assuming that occupational health and safety regulations must be enforced to be responsible, this report is considered as very reliable. In addition, people who have got violation of the safety standards from UK laws, can get facilitate to prosecute.

These are the statisctics reportd of HSE highlighted in 2008-2009 dealing with work related cancer deaths:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in USA stated that a total individuals who were employed by asbestos industries and died because of mesothelioma are around 6,862 in 1999 until 2005. From that reports we all know that it takes decades before a worker inhaled asbestos fibers in huge amounts may be diagnosed with cancer. That’s why mesothelioma commonly comes to old people who are already retired.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) stated that harmful potential human carcinogen reached 170 kinds of chemicals which tend to expose by itself, while the other 250 substances are potentially carcinogenic. Asbestos to Zidovudine (HIV Drug) can result those substances.

Comprehencsive information in IARC’s “Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Human” can be found in the link from the Reference section following. You may find those hamful chemicals and potentially dangerous subtances in your workplace.


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