Outdoor Room Decoration

These days, outdoor rooms are extremely popular and not just amongst the rich and famous. In almost any space, you can squeeze an outdoor room and decorate it to match the style and mood of your home, and not expensive!

Outdoor room needs furniture, just like any other rooms. However, on the market today, much of the patio furniture is quite expensive. The good news is that inexpensive resin chairs which work for you, can be made. New varieties with a texture to them that looks more like wood than their slick plastic counterparts did are available. The white Adirondack resin chairs also sell at my local discount stores from $11 to $15, and look amazingly like the real painted wood chairs, especially from a distance. With some cushions, dress your new chairs up and they will fit right in to any décor! Now, you can also spray paint those chairs with a new paint from Krylon called Fusion. Customize cheap plastic chairs by picking it up for about $4. Look at garage sales for used ones you can repaint.

It’s time to think privacy once you have your furniture in place. You are hopefully protected on at least one side by wall, fence or building. Using a trellis as an extra wall, and plant fast growing vines at its base is a great way to offer you some more private moments. To make a movable wall, you can anchor the trellis in a planter. Your new “wall” will all be covered by morning glories, scarlet runner beans, and moonflower in no time.

Fabric curtains can be used outdoors as well if your outdoor room is protected in part from the weather. Cheap flat sheets and either a staple gun or a grommet kit is suggested to be used. Cheap muslin is so inexpensive it can just be replaced the next year and can work as well. For the end of a porch or deck, and can help control the sun as well, this is a great technique. For those times you want to let the breezes blow through, be sure to use tiebacks.

Because of its expensive nature, lighting is often overlooked in outdoor rooms, but it doesn’t have to be the case. For outdoor meals, without the expense of electrical installation, candles and torches are wonderful and solar lights can be used for safety.  Strings of clear holiday lights are magical wrapped over a porch beam or around a tree. Recycled cans and a punch tool can create luminaries and then drop the candle inside.

Finally, remember to add charm and style to your outdoor rooms. You can pick up some unfinished bird houses at the craft store, decorate them with paint and then in a group on the garden fence or wall, hang the bird houses. With inspirational sayings, or words, use scrap lumber to paint signs for your garden room. As décor items, use your hand tools and hang them on the fence or wall. Against the porch wall, lean an old picket fence or lean a new one. Get a premade picket fence piece for around $8 at the home improvement center. in pretty pitchers and bowls from the kitchen, add cut flowers, pick candles up at the dollar shop and as an impromptu tablecloth, lay out a fabric napkin or two. An outdoor room is worth having in any home, any way you do it. An outdoor room can coax us out of doors by decorating it with style, comfort, and the spirit of the seasons with a little creative thinking.


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